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3.5 Inch USB3.0 4bay HDD enclosure


3.5 Inch USB3.0 4bay HDD enclosure

Product Features

1 4Bay 3.5” enclosure with USB3.0 and eSATA interface
2 Available for 4 x 3.5” SATA HDD, extend your storage capacity
3 Mobile inner case easy to install or remove hard disk drive
4 Without RAID function, just 4Lun mode
5 USB3.0 transfer rates max up to 5Gb/sec
6 eSATA transfer rate max up to 3Gb/sec
7 LCD panel display internal operating temperature
8 LCD panel display cooling fan speed
9 Overheating alarm pre-set setting temperature (60℃+/-5%)
10 The warning buzzer will emit a continuous beeping sound for 15 seconds if the internal temperature exceeds this level
11 The fan speed change follow the internal temperature
12  Drive enclosure made of aluminum alloy good for heat dissipation

Product Accessories

1 one USB3.0 cable
2 one eSATA cable
3 one 12V/5A power supply                                    
4 one user’s manual