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3.5 SATA&IDE Multifunctional enclosure


3.5 SATA&IDE Multifunctional enclosure

3.5  SATA&IDE Multifunctional enclosure3.5 SATA&IDE Multifunctional enclosure
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3.5  SATA&IDE Multifunctional enclosure

Product information

Color :Silver / Black

CCB3AT use the design of Aluminum magneium alloy ,and it can more stack.This makes CCB3AT has it’s own style.In appearance, CCB3AT has two colors of black and silver,moreover, it has an purple LCD of temperature control.This makes it looks like an art.When put in the computer table,appears nopbility and vitality.

In heat dissipation,CCB3AT use the physical design of The whole aluminum thermal conductive materials and Buzzer hives type cooling hole, Make the product has strong radiating performance.To his safety,you can completely rest assured.

In interface, the first of the complex interface technology DIAS and double interface power can ensure your HDD smoothly running.Besides, IDE&- SATA double interface and support 2.0TB capacity can meet your various needs!

Product Features

1 Support USB2.0&e-SATA doublr interface
2 Internal temperature disply can High temperature alert
3 Blue ray intelligence shows Auto control of fan
4 Automatic control of internal fan

Product Specification

Material Aluminum
Interface type SATA & USB2.0
Suitablity 3.5SATA & IDE HDD
Tranfer rate USB 2.0 : 480Mb/s ;e-SATA TO SATA I: 1.5G, SATA II:3Gb/s
Operation system Windows 98se/ Me/ 2000 /XP / Vista/7; MAC
Dimension 227 x 127 x 56 mm (L x W x H)

Product Accessories

1 User manual *1pcs
2 Backup software CD *1pcs
3 USB2.0 cable *1pcs
4 Screw and screw driver *1pcs
5 3C power *1pcs