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e-SATA & USB2.0 & Backup Adapter


Color : Black

e-SATA & USB2.0 & Backup Adaptere-SATA & USB2.0 & Backup Adapter
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e-SATA & USB2.0 & Backup Adapter

Product Information

AGESTAR SCBP e-SATA & USB2.0 & Backup Adapter, its biggest characteristic is easy to drive itself contains the power switch function,which can protect your hard disk effectively.This smart product is mainly suitable for the SATA equipment,such as 2.5’’ and 3.5’’ SATA hard drive,and SATA drives.The functions are more outstanding than other general external adapters.For instance,it can not only provides USB 2.0 interface but also provides the e-SATA interface,which is able to entertain and please many top HD player and senior DIYs very much.Besides,it has the one touch backup function.So we can say this product must be the most favorite external adapter among all the users at present.With it,that will ler you regret for your decision.

Product Features

1 One touch backup function
2 Suitable for SATA devices
3 Support eSATA to SATA interface,transfer rate up to 3.0Gb/s
4 Support USB2.0 to SATA interface,transfer rate up to 480Mb/s
5 Furnish standard e-SATA port for external SATA device
6 Bus power for 2.5" SATA HDD
7 5V/12V Power Supply for 3.5"/5.25" devices

Product Specification

Date transfer rate e-SATA to SATA I: 1.5G SATA II:3Gb/s ;USB2.0:480Mb/s
Output interface USB 2.0,e-SATA
Operation system Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7;Mac
Product material Plastic
Dimension 61 x 66 x 25 mm  (L x W xH)

Product Accessories

USB 2.0 cable * 1pcs
Power supply *1pcs
User manual *1pcs
CD driver *1pcs
e-SATA cable *1pcs