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USB3.0 3.5 Giga NAS external box


USB3.0 3.5 Giga NAS external box

USB3.0 3.5  Giga NAS external boxUSB3.0 3.5 Giga NAS external box
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USB3.0 3.5  Giga NAS external box

Product information

Color :Silver/Black

Product information

AGESTAR GNSB3AHT is a high cost performance and reliable product.It provide us the Internet shared storage solutions.The material of this product is top-grade Aluminum,not only have the strong material quality,but also with good heat dissipation.You also have two choice of the color with Silver and black,the perfect conbine with the metal texture and high technology.At the same time,this product have the fashionable appearance and brief style.It bulit-in intellgence heat dissipation fan, the LCD review the tempreture and the speed of the fan inside,and the speed of the fan changed by the tempreture.

GNSB3AHT support 3.5’’ SATA seriel port HDD,and the max capacity is 3TB.The product use the newest USB3.0 interface,the biggest tranfer rate up to 5Gbps.The network rate make the transmission and communication unobstructed.In the model of USB, you can make it with a indenpdent external enclosure. In the application of internet enviorment,it has powerful network sharing storage function. This network product support 10/100/1000Mbps network enviorment.The read-write speed reach up to 50Mbp/s;Support virtual dialing and allow user setting up the server name and usename and password and any other PPPoE settings;Support BT downlode and you can add at least 32 seeds on it.It also support FTP server,the user can uploading and downlode the documents from local or internet.

Product Features

1 Efficiently creat an network server
2 Support PPPoe and DDNS
3 Support 1000/100/10Mbps network enviorment
4 Support Samba server and support 16 users at the same time
5 Suppoet FTP server and support 16 users at the same time
6 User can set the folder for only read and write
7 Set the webpage visit password
8 Suitable for 3.5’’ SATA HDD
9 Support USB3.0 interface,tranfer rate up to 5Gbps
10 LCD show the tempreture and the speed of the fan inside
11 Preinstall the alarm tempreture with 60+/-5℃
12 The speed of the fan changes follow the tempreture inside
13 Aluminum material,with good heat disspation
14 Support hot-swap
15 One touch factory default

Product Specification

DATA tranmission USB3.0 to SATA 5Gbps
Suitablity 3.5’’SATA HDD
Power external power
Interface type USB3.0 port
Operation system Windows XP/Vista/7;Mac;Linux
Power standard 12V/2A authentication safety power supply
Material Aluminum alloy
Demension 204 x120x 53 mm (L x W x H)

Product Accessories

1 USB 3.0 Cable * 1pcs
2 1000M reticle * 1pcs
3 CD driver * 1pcs
4 12V/2A Power and Cable * 1pcs
5 User manual * 1pcs
6 Screw pakage * 1pcs
7 Stander * 1pcs