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Networking Adapter with 4 Port USB Server function


Color : Black

Product Information

AGESTAR new Gigabit USB 2.0 web sever can share the one same network between the external hard drive,USB flash drive,memory card reader,USB camera,USB speakers,or USB multifunction printer(multi-function).When using multi-function USB server after,the user can share their favorite stored on your computer multimedia program at any time or any where at home or office.User can add a standard USB network camera,like a small monitoring equipment.       AGESTAR LB3-G also supports USB 2.0 HUB expand.It can support USB device through home or office IP Internet use.It fits the standard of USB 2.0 specifications,and provide the user with an automatic induction 10/100/1000 base-t port.When printing connection,print sever even will automatically identify your printer manufacturers/model.When LB3-G connect with a wireless router,users can access multimedia content and wireless USB device.UPnP technology can quickly and easily installed and configured in windows vista OS.This is a one-stop multifunctional network perpherals sharing,and the number of application is almost unlimited.


Note:When LB3-G connect through the wireless Ethernet router,users may not be able to achieve the best audio/video streaming.

Product Features

1 USB Server function
2 Centralized remote EST USB Server Management
3 Centralized remote EST USB Server Status Monitoring
4 Centralized remote EST USB Device Management
5 Available for any USB device via the USB server
6 Available for 4 type different USB device
7 Any USB device connected via USB Server utility should work as if they are plugged into the connecting PC via USB port
8 Hardware requirement: a local network,PC with Win XP/Vista/7

Product Specification

Date transfer rate USB 2.0 transfer rate 480Mb/s ; Ethernet transfer rate up to 10/100/1000Mb/s
Suitability Any USB 2.0 device
Output interface USB 2.0
Operation system Win XP/vista/7
Product material Aluminium

Product Accessories

Lan Cable * 1PCS
Power supply * 1PCS
User manual * 1PCS
CD driver * 1PCS