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2.5 USB3.0 SATA Mobile rack


2.5 USB3.0 SATA Mobile rack

2.5  USB3.0 SATA Mobile rack2.5 USB3.0 SATA Mobile rack
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2.5  USB3.0 SATA Mobile rack

Product Information

Color :Silver

Product information:

This product can install in the floppy drive’s location of the case,built-in a 2.5’’ SATA external enclosure.If you want to take away,you also pull out it anytime.You can also insert in the floppy disk position at all times,It immediately changes to an internal hard disk.The speed completely support 3.0Gbps,equals to the computer internal HDD.The use of internal and external all have outstanding performance.Your choose of pritical and conven- ience !

Product Features

1 Mobile rack Mode,support SATA port,Support USB3.0
2 External enclosure Mode,support SATA port
3 Support hot-plug,play and plug
4 Light and handy size
5 Made off Aluminum,with nice heat dissiptation function

Product Specification

Material Aluminum
Interface type SATA&USB3.0
Suitablity 2.5SATA HDD
Tranfer Rate USB 3.0 : 5Gbps ; SATA I: 1.5G, SATA II:3Gb/s
Operation system Windows 98se/Me/2000/XP /Vista/7; MAC
Dimension 162 x 102 x 25 mm (L x W xH)

Product Accessories

1 User manual *1pcs
2 CD backup disk *1pcs
3 SATA Cables *1pcs
4 Install screw and screwdriver *1pcs