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USB2.0 To IDE/SATA Adapter


Color : Silver

USB2.0 To IDE/SATA AdapterUSB2.0 To IDE/SATA Adapter
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USB2.0 To IDE/SATA Adapter

Product Information

AGESTAR FUBCA ,three in one external adapter,is suitable for 2.5’’/3.5’’/5.25’’ IDE or SATA HDD and convert IDE/SATA devices into USB 2.0 interface.This model is designed with Aluminum and Plastic material in smart shape,which is good for heat dissipation.What’s more,with one touch backup function,it is easy to backup your date and no need to worry about your date missing.


Product Features

1 One touch backup function
2 Faceplate made of aluminum alloy good for heat dissipation
3 Convert 2.5"/3.5" Serial ATA HDD and 5.25" Serial ATA Devices into USB2.0 interface
4 Convert 2.5"/3.5" IDE HDD and 5.25" IDE Devices into USB2.0 interface
5 Max tranfer speed 480Mb/s
6 Power adapter for 3.5"/5.25" devices
7 Bus-Power for 2.5" HDD

Product Specification

Date transfer rate USB 2.0: 480Mb/s
Support HDD 2.5’’/3.5’’/5.25’’ IDE or SATA
Output interface USB 2.0
Operation system Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7;Mac
Product material Aluminum & Plastic
Dimension 84 x 64 x 21 mm  (L x W xH)

Product Accessories

USB 2.0 cable * 1pcs
Power supply *1pcs
User manual * 1pcs
CD driver *1pcs