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Naming rules

The vast majority of our products, naming the hard disk interface (internal interface), product features, the external interface of the product, the product is suitable for the hard disk size, material, annotations to define the product name.

The hard disk interface (internal interface):
I: IDE interface; S: SATA interface; C: combination of interface (IDE + the SATA interface)

Product features:
GN: Gigabit network enclosure; 3: USB3.0

Product external interface:
U: the USB interface;: the combination of interface (USB + eSATA interface) or (USB +1394 interface)

Product Category:
B: mobile storage box

Products used in hard disk size:
1: 1.8-inch series; 2: 2.5-inch series; 3: 3.5-inch series; 5: 5.25-inch series

A:铝: P:塑胶

H: Advanced; F: with fan; T: with Thermostat

Product serial number: